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"Prometheus" by Mirabel

You were innocent, wanting

fire for livelihood.

Licked you charred, didn't it

feel liquor-sweet, the waste

it made?

You're paying for it

since I last could stand

to look at you.

After all, the promise of warmth

sent me here too. Kneeling

in a mispronounced room,

I have been thinking back

to the first day:

the sun peeling your back,

the ants eating your feet.

A hero will come

to bite you anew. Finally will

sediment the blood which

doubles around. Your only crime

to see in two?

Well, only a half-life threatens

the more for more, which shows up

hungry at the door.

Let it tear through the door.

Let it try to take.

The fire behind eyes of any life

mazes me awake.

Avleen Kaur Mokha (“Mirabel”) is a Montreal-based poet who grew up in Mumbai, India. Mirabel holds a B.A. in English Literature and Linguistics from McGill University, and was the 2019 winner of McGill’s Peterson Memorial Prize for Creative Writing. Presently, Mirabel edits poetry and prose for Persephone’s Daughters, a literary magazine dedicated to survivors of abuse. Mirabel’s poems have appeared in Déraciné Magazine, Dream Pop, and Siblini among others.

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