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"Map" by Willow Loveday Little

A maze mouths a non-linear A to B, a linguistic start

To end but a labyrinth spirals inward ad infinitum

In effect unicursal as a whorl of hair on a baby’s head

Or male pattern baldness. Beyond these walls

Is something universal, something procrustean as

The bandits he killed in six feats sinuous in comparison

To those of Heracles—a starter exercise for the calf,

Before anything tauromorphic. You've made your bed

Beneath a bucranium wreathed in stone, and here comes the

Time for you to sleep in it, dreaming your own heraldic mythos

While bull-fucked fate rears its horns. Crypto-Minoan idioms.

Cypro-sealstone guides crowning walls. A lifeline

Cannot be too short. Neither too long. Madness the indecipherable

Syllabary. Single-pathed meandros a lifetime without

Navigational challenge—complex and branching inward is destiny

Inevitable as psychopomp or apotheosis and as pointless

As Ariadne's domesticated thread washing up golden in the tides

Of a forgotten alphabet. Fitted sheets, compass-less.

Willow Loveday Little is a writer, poet, teacher, and freelance editor whose work has appeared in places like The Dalhousie Review, On Spec, The Selkie’s anthology Very Much Alive: Stories of Resilience, and yolk literary. She holds a Bachelor of Arts from McGill University and has been a featured reader at McGill’s Poetry Matters, Argo Reading Series, the Visual Learning Centre, and Accent Poetry Night. She is the author of Xenia (Cactus Press, 2021).

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