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"On An Island" by Derek Godin

I see evidence of a master builder in

your bed of cypress branches, your

pillow of interlaced swan feathers.

Sorrow has not hindered your craft.

Your eye threads the needle as the

waves rage, the salt of grief and the salt

of Aegean Sea. You know as well as

anyone that the darkest waters are the


Rest easy, o architect, for a life is the

longest thing any of us will experience,

and know your offerings are received by

those who long to be as lucky as your

son. The new day will greet you even if

your heart weeps that the sun shines in

vain, and when it does shine, gather

your tools, heavy as they are, and keep

building your life stone by stone. I will

keep the invading armies at bay; all you

need are your wings.

Derek Godin is a writer based in Montreal. He is the co-founder and co-editor of the film criticism website Dim the House Lights, a graduate of Concordia University’s MA Film Studies program, and a two-time WWE Intercontinental Champion (only two of these are true).

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