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Sometimes the Price of Dick
is a Little Crying
Julia Isler


First Printing | 50 Copies

ISBN 978-1-990474-02-6   

16 pages

Julia Isler is from Montreal. After completing a B.A. and M.A. in English at McGill University, she took some time off to travel. She spent several months in Athens, where she became involved with an anarchist community that was converting squatted buildings into refugee shelters. Having run out of funds and unable to find work that didn't require her to speak Greek, she moved to Dunedin, where she worked as a waitress and learned to moonshine. She then moved to Toronto to pursue a PhD in English at the University of Toronto. If there is one good thing about the pandemic, it is that it enabled Julia to return to Montreal while continuing her studies "at" the University of Toronto. She is now procrastinating instead of writing her thesis on capitalist risk assessment and modernist narrative innovations.


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