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Zoom Dream/Dream Zoom by George Slobodzian

Last night dreams presented themselves

As ZOOM sessions before becoming

Dreams. In one I am at a large group

Musical performance in a vast urban

Green space after having zoomed with

Some people I had never met concerning

Musical performances. Musicians with

Various instruments are lining up and

Being instructed to play a G. I have

A trumpet at first and practice my G

(which I think might have been a D)

And then I am meeting via ZOOM

With David Bowie and his girlfriend

In an apartment. It is not Iman, his

Wife in real life and this is because

She has died I think in the dream but

It is really because David Bowie has

And I am visiting with him and his

New partner on the other side,

Which is not so different from this

Side. David is very friendly and gentle

And wants to show me a magazine

He is reading with articles on sexuality

In many different languages. His

Partner is very friendly and welcoming

As well as we chat about this and that

And then I am back in the park where

The musical performance will take

Place and the two young women who

Wanted to interview me about my poetry

Are waiting on the bank of the artificial

Pond for me to arrive on the inflatable

Mattress I am riding. We go looking

For an appropriate spot to conduct

The interview as the first fellow I was

Zooming with arrives with a big drum

Of which I am afraid there are already

Too many and the various musicians

Begin taking their places

George Slobodzian's work has appeared in literary magazines across Canada. Clinical Studies, a book of poetry, was published by DC Books, and a book of his poems was translated into German and published by Mattes Verlag of Heidelberg.

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