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Viscous as marrow by Victoria LeBlanc

The way memory attaches

along the black river at night fall

as the light falls

at dusk

as the sky falls

long thin lines of sky

into the deep black


I place the memory of the river

on the paper

with paint lamp

and indigo black viscous

as marrow

and all around thin lines

drip down

and through

and over

like thin veins

I think of that time

you stepped into the river

and it moved over your skin over

your bone

and I took your photograph

as if it was important.

Victoria LeBlanc is a writer, artist, and curator. Contributor to over 40 publications on Canadian artists. In 2019, she published her first collection of poetry, Hold. Forthcoming: Mudlark. As a visual artist, she has participated in solo and group exhibitions across Canada. Former Director of the Visual Arts Centre and McClure Gallery (1996-2017). Curator of City of Westmount Gallery since 1998.

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