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"Thunderclouds Wear a Cloak" and "Even Crows" by Danielle Wong

Thunderclouds Wear a Cloak


can follow people indoors

invisible to all

but the person they follow

Even Crows

The crow

caws in pain

lands in the tree

hops down

branch by branch

The branches stop moving

The air becomes still

The crow

flies off

lands on top of a dead tree

faces west

caws as if nothing ever happened

Even crows grieve

Danielle Wong is the author of Bubble Fusion, a collection of poems about raising a child with autism. Her other work has appeared in Montreal Writes, Soft Cartel, Tipton Poetry, The Daily Drunk, Kalopsia Lit, Pendemic, and The Pine Cone Review. Some of her work is forthcoming in Chronicling the Days in spring 2021 from Guernica Editions and in Resistance from University of Regina Press. She enjoys attending poetry marathons, walking in forests, listening to crickets, and spending time with her family.

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