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Sundark by James Dunnigan

in raiment drawn

woven and white

they went down

in pairs to sea

to drink death’s

own dark wine

and pause in

new blue footsteps

where the edges

are now as always

erased and

linger bathing

and rest and sleep

and in the sky

where the washing

of God is hung

they lifted their

small arms

and wreathed

their fingers

in his hair

James Dunnigan is a poet from Montreal, editor for Cactus Press and PhD student at the University of Toronto, the author of two chapbooks, The Stained Glass Sequence (Frog Hollow Press chapbook award, 2019) and Wine and Fire (Cactus Press 2020). A recipient of a QWF Fiction award for 'Open Bay' (2014), he also has appeared, or is forthcoming in, such places as Event, Contemporary Verse 2, Maisonneuve and Graphite Publications. Aut facere scribenda aut scriber legenda since 1994.

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