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Silkdream by James Dunnigan

see how that spider

weaves its hanging home

over our bed

would we could stretch

a place to live out of

ourselves like that

if I could weave you

such a place to be

(to be—that threadbare

verb) whatever corner

you might choose

over whatever space

to wring the dew

the dust like that hang out

the morning’s lines

or if I for myself

could weave a little place

all gossamer in rooms

you go to now as yet

unseen to be with you

if only so

transparently around

what surer scheme

or livingplace

could either of us have

what other space

but specsized

emptiness in this

winking moteworld

could hold

the strands of us

James Dunnigan is a poet from Montreal, editor for Cactus Press and PhD student at the University of Toronto, the author of two chapbooks, The Stained Glass Sequence (Frog Hollow Press chapbook award, 2019) and Wine and Fire (Cactus Press 2020). A recipient of a QWF Fiction award for 'Open Bay' (2014), he also has appeared, or is forthcoming in, such places as Event, Contemporary Verse 2, Maisonneuve and Graphite Publications. Aut facere scribenda aut scriber legenda since 1994.

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