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Poem by Flo Ross-Opazo

I’m at a house with friends.

It feels like we are getting ready for a party.

We are making a bomb.

I’m helping make a bomb strong enough to destroy the whole world.

The vibe is exciting, positive.

I’m excited about it. I feel ready.

I think about other times when I’ve been afraid of the end of the world. In dreams.

Now it feels right.

The world has changed. Nothing good will happen anymore.

The bomb feels like a positive change.

We’re bustling around, moving from room to room, getting ready, for the bomb and for a party. Getting dressed up.

Once the bomb is launched, it will take 10 minutes to fall back to Earth.

That seems like plenty of time.

It seems to stretch before me, dilated, slowed down, like a dream.

Plenty of time to do what I want to do. To say what I want to say to the people I love.

This is Flo Ross-Opazo's first published piece. Flo studies Biology for fun at Concordia University and hopes to join an established mutual aid network in response to this current climate apocalypse. Their other interests include abolition, lesbianism and communism. They are non-binary (she/they), white Latinx and can be found on all platforms as @flotdog.

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