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"Montreal in the Summertime" and "Tahiti Fusion" by Katie Cossette

Montreal in the Summertime

Câlice, c’est chaud en tabarnak…

So where are you two from? Canada…

Pas d’argent, besoin manger…

If Legault would just do his job…

Il y a un ralentissement de service

sur la ligne vert…

You know, I used to be the leader

of the Mongolian empire…

Ici, on parle français…

The architecture here reminds me of short

sleeve button down shirts, you know what I mean…

Sa plotte était si serrée…

You are not a king, you are not a God.

Tahiti Fusion

General tao containers

litter my cupboards,

that tiny green and gold dragon

telling me to hoard.

Do we order 6 eggrolls or 12?

There are only two of us…

Let’s go for 24.

There we lay,

big fat cats swollen

and pregnant,

“Congratulations, it’s

chow mein.”

Wallets empty but fridge stocked,

groceries a commodity we can’t afford,

crisp cookies beckon

with our future.

With lips covered in crumbs,

we unfold the bone-white slips.

They are blank.

Katie Cossette (she/her) is an English Literature student based in Montreal, QC. Her work has been featured in Scribbles magazine, Trash to Treasure Lit, and is forthcoming in Pixie Lit magazine and Ded Poetry.

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