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Life's Work by Jerome Ramcharitar

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

They say you shouldn’t talk about your dreams.

No one’s interested.

But what about those you can’t remember

Whether they were dreams or not?

I remember a deer

Who watched me as I walked past.

It was strange to see a deer so still

but stranger yet to recognize her.

Neurons hold such deep recall—

Dense as a city in a cell.

But she turned for just a second as if to run

and her hide had

—was it possible, a word?

—was it possible, a page?

a whole book written.

My life’s work etched on an animal.

Then she turned, and ran.

They say you shouldn’t talk about your dreams.

Jerome Ramcharitar is a writer based in Montreal, Quebec. Most of his days are spent teaching English as a second language and occasionally causing more trouble as a poet. A dabbler by nature, he has dipped his fingers into editing, translation, and the dangerous world of card games.

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