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Ivanka by George Slobodzian

I’m trying to forget

the dream I had about you,

the dream that woke me.

You were so beautiful.

We were together

someplace mutual,

perhaps working

on a project together.

Your hair was perfect,

parted in the middle

like you often wear it

and we were both naked.

I was more beautiful, fitter

than I am in reality. You were

exactly the same, only more

so. It was impossible, but

at the same time so natural.

You reached out and touched

my shoulders. I put my hands

on your breasts. We looked

calmly, peacefully

into each other’s eyes.

Then we were making love.

Real love. Not that fake

snowflake bullshit. Body

and soul love. It was terrific.

Then I awoke, terrified.

George Slobodzian's work has appeared in literary magazines across Canada. Clinical Studies, a book of poetry, was published by DC Books, and a book of his poems was translated into German and published by Mattes Verlag of Heidelberg.

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