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Diagram of Part of the Imagination by William John Wither

(text version of image 2)

I have dreamt

of the same

room for the past

seven days it is a room that you know;

a room stitched together

sturdy like your marrow

the hallway leads to an

orange room

filled with

Arakawa prints bigger


my height

Behind one, there is a


always a door

that leads to a great trainyard

There are no trains;

only the anticipation of trains

Across the tracks

there is a ship

filled with desks

long discards The window is smutty

with dirt, and when I

try to look through it

I only



William John Wither is a speculative fiction writer living in Montreal, Canada. He is the lead game designer of IMPACT: A Foresight Game, and has bee published in Exile Quarterly, MISC Magazine, and the CVC8 Anthology. Their work can be found at

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