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Black Rain 

Ilona Martonfi

     This brief but far-reaching collection of poems is one of witness and wisdom; ekphrasis and imagism. The poems in Black Rain imagine survivors of the A-bomb in Japan as well as the creatures in the sea off Fukushima. They are rich in flora and fauna, scent and memory. Voices drawn from historical moments, and pulled from the shadows of paintings recast the fraught human world image by image.

                                                     —Yvonne Blomer

     Black Rain catches the reader's eye with its stark attention to plant and animal life: pond apples, fig sphinx moths, "the split lip of a papery ghost orchid." Themes of loss, womanhood, and the refugee experience peek out from within Martonfi's vibrant poems—a vibrancy that belies not a simple preference for imagist aesthetics, but rather an awareness of life's wonder known only by those who understand how much stands to be lost.

                                                     —Willow Loveday Little

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